Our Philosophy

We strive to instill trust and confidence in our clients by the integrity, service and solutions we deliver. Our goal is to enable our clients to focus on the success of their families and businesses by helping them with the accumulation, preservation and distribution of wealth now and for generations to come.

Adcock Financial Group provides solid advice, creative ideas, competitive products and sensible solutions while maintaining the highest level of integrity. We hold ourselves to the “Client First” Model, a philosophy defined by a high standard of care and the commitment to put the interests of our clients first.

The “Client First” Model

Deliver uncommon, personalized services in the areas of financial planning, investments, insurance and corporate benefits to enhance the lives of our clients and those around them

Enable clients to create clarity in the steps required to achieve their long-term financial visions and goals

Provide oversight and direction of our clients' financial goals and dreams, while enabling them to focus on the things most important to them in their lives